Hurricane lows depress the punctuality of the train in February

Hurricane lows depress the punctuality of the train in February

Several storm lows caused the punctuality of Deutsche Bahn to drop slightly in February. 79.3 percent of long-distance trains were on time last month, a spokesman said. That was a little less than in February of the previous year. At that time, the punctuality rate was 80 percent. In January this year, 84.3 percent of the trains arrived without delay. Mild weather and the stable operation of new vehicles had caused the rate to rise significantly at the beginning of the year.

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A display in the station shows the failure of trains.

“Four storm lows followed each other in close succession in February 2020,” said the train. «The hurricane low« Sabine »alone caused a negative effect of almost two percentage points with regard to the overall punctuality of DB long-distance transport.»

A train is considered punctual as long as it arrives at the destination no more than six minutes late. The Group’s goal for the year is an average punctuality rate of 78 percent. Both monthly values ​​have been higher so far.

The novel corona virus is currently having an impact on the business of the federally owned group. The previous day it had become known that passenger numbers fell by 20 percent in the first week of March alone.

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