“I did not want to offend Cruz Sanchez de Lara or Pedro J. Ramirez”


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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada she has issued a statement in which she retracts the statements she made this past Saturday to El Mundo against her ex-husband, Pedro J. Ramirez, and against his wife, Cruz Sanchez de Lara. The designer took the floor after the director of El Espanol announced that she was going to bring her ex-wife to court for the harsh attacks she carried out against him: “I suppose Jota has the 8M virus. His wife represents feminazis, “he said among other niceties.

The dressmaker’s words angered Pedro J., who described what his ex said as “vile” and blamed El Mundo, a newspaper he founded and directed, for the publication “of this infamy.” In addition, Ramirez revealed that he had given “instructions” to his lawyers to “act on all possible fronts.”

Faced with the anger of her ex-husband and father of her two children, Agatha has sent a statement rectifying her statements: “When I was asked about Pedro Jota Ramirez’s illness, I expressed an opinion. I did not want to associate this illness with any activity of his current According to what they tell me, I also want to clarify that he did not go to the March 8 demonstration, “reads the beginning of the text.

“I would also not like the allusion to feminists to be understood in a pejorative way. I had no intention of offending anyone. The feminist movement respects it and therefore my expression must be understood in a colloquial context that does not seek to delegitimize said movement and the performance of their followers “, the designer has alleged, who regrets what has been said:” In any case, I retract because of this since I did not want to offend Cruz Sanchez De Lara or Pedro Jota Ramirez, “he sentenced.



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