“I hope Hamilton signed for Ferrari”

“I hope Hamilton signed for Ferrari”

The former pilot of Formula 1 British Martin Brundle think it would be “awesome” that Lewis Hamilton fichase by the Ferrari team for 2021. It is one of the rumors that have been sounding since last season, although it is also said that Lewis would be close to committing to Mercedes in the long term. Brundle analyzes this possibility and also his desire.

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See Lewis Hamilton dressed in red, competing in Ferrari, is one of the dreams of many of the fans of the Formula 1 and also of many ‘tiffosi’, who want to see the best competing in their team. A former British pilot who knows Hamilton well, Martin Brundle, I would be delighted to see the six-time world champion at Ferrari.

“I hope he goes to Ferrari, because it would be a great story ”, has declared Martin to Evening Standard “Beat Michael Schumacher and winning a championship with three different teams would be awesome. I asked him the other day about this subject and he said “I wear the color red in my helmet and red is one of my favorite colors”, but he is butt in Mercedes”, He said.

Although Brundle dreams of this movement, he knows that it is very difficult for it to come true. The reason is that Hamilton In is comfortable in Mercedes: he has a good car there and the assurance that, except for hecatombe, he will remain competitive in the short and medium term. Further, Mercedes You can also offer a millionaire contract.

“Probably (Mercedes) is the best team he can be in, he is paid a lot of money and can be a brand ambassador for the rest of his days. In the end you have to think long and hard before getting out of there, ”he explains. “We will see what he does Ferrari This year, will they be at the level of Mercedes? I do not know. Nor do we know where Mercedes will be in the future, ”he adds.

I would really advise you to stay in Mercedes

Although to Brundle would love to have Hamilton signed by Ferrari, the former driver of F1 He also believes that, from the point of view of a ‘manager’ of pilots, Lewis should stay long-term in the star team.

“If I had the pilot manager’s cap on, I would say (to Hamilton)” don’t go anywhere, stay here. ” But as a fan I would say: “Go to Ferrari, give us something that excites us,” he concludes.

Image: Motorsport Images


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