“I was crying, I wanted to suffer …” (VIDEO)



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Troubling, Caroline Vigneaux confides with emotion on her two miscarriages: “I was crying, I wanted to suffer …” (VIDEO)

The comedian was this Wednesday evening the guest of Michel Cymes in his talk show of France 2, It will not come out of here. Very moved, she confided in the difficulties she had in having children.

It is an absolute drama, which thousands of women experience every year. The comedian Caroline Vigneaux, ex-lawyer revealed by his passage in We only ask to laugh, despite a mixed reception, was this Wednesday evening sitting in the chair of Michel Cymes in It won’t come out of here. As all participants in late-show from the cathodic doctor, Caroline Vigneaux spoke about her career, but also a lot about her private life, which was not always rosy. The actress notably mentioned with emotion the miscarriages that she had to face twice. “In fact, I didn’t have two pregnancies, I lived four … Because I had two miscarriages …”

“Are you sure you are pregnant?”

The comedian then entrusted with force quite intimate details on this period of his life. A way of talking about it that she claims. “I have a hard time saying it … That too is a taboo, women dare not say it. I was very sad, I lived it badly, and we feel responsible, guilty and guilty ” assured the guest, who urges those concerned to speak to their relatives. Returning to her experience, she told a detail that particularly marked her. “I was losing blood, the day before I had an ultrasound, everything was fine, I was three months old, and then in the middle of the night it was not going well, I went to the emergency room, I realized that there has something wrong, and the girl passes the camera and she says to me ‘but you are sure that you are pregnant? There is nothing! (…) There there is nothing! So if you were pregnant, there you are no longer … “

“I wanted to suffer …”

A brutality which she had to face alone at the time, her husband having stayed at home to keep their first child. “It was one oclock in the morning, I was walking down the street, and I was crying” However, the former lawyer explains that she did not wish to benefit from the appeasement that medicine could offer her to withdraw the “abortion product“, an essential operation after a miscarriage:”I wanted to suffer …