“If there is an offer for Europe we will analyze it”


© Jose Luis Melgarejo (MEXSPORT)
Miguel Herrera:

It has been several tournaments since Miguel Herrera came to the bench of America, place where he already got a couple of titles from League and one more of Cup, and everything seems to indicate that the Louse will continue as helmsman of the Eagles, he confirmed it himself

In interview for TUDN, the Azulcrema strategist commented that his renovation with those of Coapa He is close, in addition to accepting that he has the capabilities to go anywhere in the world to direct, but a formal offer has not knocked on his door.

“I have the ability to emigrate to any football. What is missing? That an offer arrives, I am very happy in America , but if an offer comes, we will analyze it and we will see the possibility of emigrating and I have the support of the team owner.

“We are practically renewing the contract with America, that this situation has stopped due to the difficult moments, but I am happy here; I’d be happy if I’m here for many more years, but if we go out, we’re ready, “he said. Herrera.

On the other hand, Herrera also spoke for the chain ESPN, where he stated that on his 52nd birthday he wants to become the maximum winner of titles, in addition to some other records that he wants to break to enter the gold books in the Mexican soccer.

“We lack a title to be above all, we are tied with more technicians, we lack a few victories to surpass the maximum winner, I am the technician who has won the most classics, who has had the most qualifications for the Liguilla, hopefully the boys keep giving that joy, keep giving yourself the maximum, keep getting results to be able to be in the numbers, just as people want and how you want to always be on top ”,


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