If they cancel my trip with the Imserso for the coronavirus, what are my rights?

If they cancel my trip with the Imserso for the coronavirus, what are my rights?

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The coronavirus crisis does not stop. In the last days, the number of deceased has doubled in Madrid in just 24 hours. The data suggests that Spain follows the same path as Italy, where the situation was similar before a week. Most cases, for the moment, are located in Euskadi and Madrid. In the first, some locations have notified the closure of schools. In the capital, Diaz Ayuso has stopped the educational activity for fifteen days since Wednesday. Other measures advised by Health is teleworking, as well as avoiding unnecessary travel.

The avalanche of cancellations The crisis caused by the coronavirus has led several companies to take action. But, What happens with the trips of the Imserso? We speak, then, of a tourism program as a complementary service of the Social Security System benefits.

To this is added that the group of old people It’s one of the most vulnerable before the coronavirus. So what happens if a retired decide to cancel your trip with the Imserso?

From the OCU assure Telemadrid that is a cause of force majeure, of a person who may be at greater risk. “He also adds:” It is fully guaranteed That they should return the money. Forever written. Any claim we always make in writing, because by phone the call can be reached. Therefore, if it were to go to court, it would be necessary to corroborate it. ”

The OCU insist on save all documentation that has to do with the purchase of trips or tickets. It is the document that allows the money to be reimbursed legally.


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