If you telework, Oysho shows on Instagram an ideal set to be at home

If you telework, Oysho shows on Instagram an ideal set to be at home

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Encourage work from home. (Avel Chuklanov for Unsplash)

The change in routines that has led us the coronavirus has caused a large part of the population to be forced to telework from home. Either directly at your job or staying in charge of children and household chores.A situation that did not enter the plans of most of us but to which you have to know how to adapt. So especially if you were one of those who always they took care of their styling to the maximum To go to the office, we have a great proposal for you.

Tricks to improve teleworking. (Photo: Unsplash)

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Tricks to improve teleworking. (Photo: Unsplash)

Tricks to improve teleworking. (Photo: Unsplash)

The experts do not know how to tire of repeating it, the mental attitude it is very important to bear these changes in our life. So, if we are locked up all day and in Pijama, the hours will get longer and heavier.

The time comes for keep a routine Not only at work. It is not about putting on our best clothes, but we do have to change our look even if you don’t feel like it. An idea for which we have a great ally like Oysho.

The Inditex firm, which still has online sales and free shipping, It can be a lifeline if you are looking for a middle ground between the most formal clothes from the office and from sleeping.

Beyond basic pieces like a tracksuit, we have found a set of full trend, comfortable and affordable, perfect for this home mission. It is something so simple, but that perhaps not everyone has, like some sports tights and a white t-shirt.

On sale for 30 euros, and available in six colors, the leggings that we see in the image are compression cut. Because they will help you to be comfortable but also to look very favored.

Meanwhile, the accompanying white cotton T-shirt is available in Oysho for only 16 euros. A piece that may seem very basic, but has a more special touch thanks to the knot on his waist.

We also do not want to forget those who, despite seeking comfort, also want more sophisticated ideas. That is why we love that Oysho has ‘Homewear’ creationsIn other words, to be at home, have a more special point.

This is reflected in pieces like these two proposals with leopard print. A very vaporous robe that we found for sale for 40 euros, and a soft dress of suspenders with the same design that is available for 30 euros in its new collection.

What we are clear about is that telework It cannot be the excuse to keep our nightwear on all day. It doesn’t come well to our mind or our environment. Therefore, we will repeat as a mantra the title of one of the most famous songs by Becky G and Natti Natasha: ‘No pajamas’.


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