Illa already talks about the “stabilization phase” of the coronavirus, with a “trend change” near the “peak of the curve”

Illa already talks about the


The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, assured this Thursday that “despite the sharp increase in the number of cases” of coronavirus in Spain, which records 56,188 cases and 4,089 deaths, “the data for the last days indicates a change in trend with minor increases”. For this reason, he considered that “a stabilization phase” is beginning. “The number of cases is approaching its maximum, what we colloquially call the peak of the curve. And hospitalized cases and the ICU will reach their maximum peak a few days after the peak falls, in early April,” he said. the minister during his appearance before the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies.

The minister wanted to make clear that “the decisions are being made in perfect coordination with the regional and international authorities.” And it has justified the modifications in the recommendations of the Government of the last weeks in the “changing situation” of the epidemic.

“We are facing a global problem and a changing situation that forces us to constantly evaluate measures. This is so in Spain and in all parts of the world. Decisions and measures change, what does not change is our work to fight the virus, “he added, to insist: “The situation is absolutely changing and the decisions have been taken permanently hand in hand with the autonomous communities.”

Petition for “unity” to the opposition

Illa has assured that the Government has “left its skin to support the autonomous communities in the supply of material and protective equipment.” And he pointed out that “with the purchases made, all sanitary means will have the means to protect themselves.” “Spain has applied the most drastic distancing measures before other countries. We have mobilized and coordinated all resources, public and private, civil and military for the protection of citizens,” he riveted in Parliament.

In addition, in the face of criticism of the government’s management that loomed last night during the plenary session of Congress, Illa has stressed that “public health decisions must be considered and taken at the appropriate time.” In this sense, he pointed out that “all the measures” that the Executive has been adopting “are included in the international protocols.”

For this reason it has demanded “unity” both from the rest of the countries of the international community and from the opposition forces in Spain. “No state will succeed on its own,” he recalled. “And only by walking together in this country will we make it possible to control and eradicate the disease. It is not a time for sterile disputes, but to keep on shouldering. It is what citizens demand of us. “

New attacks by the rights

However, the opposition has again harshly charged against the government’s work. The PP spokeswoman in the Health Commission and the party’s deputy secretary for Social Policy, Cuca Gamarra, has criticized “the consequences of being late” by the Government in the face of the coronavirus crisis. In his opinion, this delay has caused an “increase in infections”. “Late decisions stress the system and take lives. You had information. You had to use time because operational decisions are made before the crisis, not during,” he said.

In the opinion of the popular spokesperson, the “lack of foresight” of the Executive “is verified every time the Government says ‘in a few days’. They are no longer worth a few days, it has to be immediately,” he assured as to the arrival of medical supplies at different Spanish hospitals. Gamarra has also spoken of “lack of decision and lack of capacity” because the Executive has not been able to start “an effective centralized contracting machinery”.

And he has asked Illa why they did not prohibit and restrict all mass demonstrations and acts, nor did they adopt measures with flights from Italy.

Jose Luis Steegman, spokesman for Vox in the Health Commission, has considered that the Executive “should ask for forgiveness on his knees.” And he said: “They just don’t know how to govern.” The representative of the extreme right has demanded “the immediate cessation” of the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon, and has issued a warning to Illa: “If he does not stop, we will ask for his resignation.”


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