“I’m sorry I was so ignorant”


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Jorge Brazalez, winner of Masterchef, got into a monumental mess when a few days ago he criticized, aiming the shot at the workers, the economic consequences that the coronavirus will bring and the quarantine measures imposed to end this health crisis.

“I mean, are you saying to me, right now, that the worker has to be standing at home, charging, and employers have to be quiet, at home, but paying workers? How is that going? to be? “said the cook.

Jorge Brazalez: “I’m sorry I was so ignorant” The criticisms were not long in coming and were of such magnitude that now he has had to go out and apologize. “My comment was unpleasant,” he said. “I am sorry that I was so ignorant on a political level. That version of mine is far from the values ​​that my working parents have instilled in me.”

“I don’t like having expressed myself in that way. I apologize to my colleagues [de trabajo] and those around me. I am very sorry, it was not my intention, “explained Brazalez through social networks.


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