In “Balance Your Post”, Cyril Hanouna, worried, reveals that his dad is sick …


This Thursday, March 12, in “Balance your post!”, Cyril Hanouna revealed that he was very worried about his dad who suffers from diabetes and continues to practice as a general practitioner in the middle of a coronavirus crisis.

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In “Balance Your Post”, Cyril Hanouna, worried, reveals that his dad is sick …

Because of the coronavirus, C8 decided, this Thursday, March 12, to deprogram TPMP to make room for a special number of Balance your post. Cyril Hanouna then received experts and allowed his columnists to ask all their questions about this epidemic.

“Why are we talking about a pandemic? What is stage 3 of the coronavirus? Will France be quarantined? Is the hospital environment ready to welcome so many patients? Are we heading for an economic crisis? “, these are all questions that created the debate on the show.

And Cyril, he made a revelation about his dad, in full live. A doctor by profession and 73 years old, the latter continues to work … enough to worry his famous son who asked one of his colleagues to convince him to put himself to rest.

Unfortunately, Baba, as his fans call him, did not get what he wanted but nevertheless allowed the French to have better lighting on the Covid-19.

On February 27, a program already dedicated to the coronavirus gathered 717,000 viewers. Cyril Hanouna also widely covered the news related to the Yellow Vests demonstrations with Balance ton post, which managed to establish itself in the French audiovisual landscape.

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