“In Boca there is no technician who asks people for encouragement”


One of the disciples of Carlos Bianchi in the golden age of Boca, back in the early 2000s, he raised his voice to differentiate Viceroy from Marcelo Gallardo, leader of the River that has been sweeping the international level in recent times. Mauricio Serna he pointed at Doll and left some important titles.

“You could see a River that was crestfallen and had weighed heavily on the game against Defense. The faces say a lot and that was the face of their coach, it gave rise to feed that illusion and faith that Boca was going to end up winning, “he said Chicho in dialogue with Blue and Gold Passion (Radio Genesis). And he assured that the gestures made by the millionaire strategist to harangue the public was a symptom that can come to annoy the player.

Then it was direct: “I have never seen a Boca coach ask his people for encouragement. That does not exist in Boca. The Boca fan is like that by nature and that makes it different ”. As for Bianchi, he compared: “Carlos never missed a workout. He told us in confidence that he had the blessing of not getting sick. ”

Bocas game grew over the end of the contest and on the last date the title was removed from the rival of a lifetime. The Colombian shared: “It fills me with happiness, it is a team that plays better and better, shows a lot of defensive solidity and scores many goals. He did everything to be champion. It is a very even team ”. At the same time, he noticed Jorman Campuzano, a fellow countryman and figure in Russos group: “I am passionate because it is my position, he is a boy I recommended, a young kid who shows that he has the personality to be the 5 de Boca”.

El Chelo Delgado, Riquelme and Chicho Serna together

© Pablo Riggio /
El Chelo Delgado, Riquelme and Chicho Serna together

Chicho He had campaigned for Christian Gribaudo in the club’s last election, although he claimed that this did not affect his relationship with Juan roman riquelme, current second vice president: “I am aware that I played on another list but I am not friends with Roman for a position. We are because soccer put us in the same place and we experienced many beautiful things. Today we are still friends, talking about life and Boca. When he won the elections, I called him and congratulated him. ” And he added: “I wish someday I could work at Boca because it is my passion and the club that I love.”

Finally, he revealed that he feels in heaven to see that his son defends the blue and gold shirt in the Fourth Division and wrote down a name to keep in mind in the next pass market: “Daniel Munoz He is for me the best player in Colombian soccer. Play as at its best Arturo Vidal. He knows how to play 4, he has a very good aerial game, he is good at attacking, he is powerful, he has a goal, he knows how to play inside and outside. It would be a great reinforcement for Boca ”.


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