Interview with Levin Klackner about private rent

Interview with Levin Klackner about private rent

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Rental motorhomes, also via sharing platforms, are becoming increasingly popular.

For campers without their own vehicle, there are now more and more ways to get the right holiday mobile. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can rent a mobile home or caravan privately via internet platforms.

Sharing also opens up new opportunities for owners: Renting can reduce acquisition and maintenance costs. What amounts, but also risks, can you expect? We spoke to Levin Klocker, Yescapas Country Manager for Germany. With over 6500 vehicles in six countries, Yescapa is the largest private sharing provider in Europe.

What advantages do tenants have with a sharing platform compared to the offers of large rental chains or retailers?

Apart from the lower rental prices, there is a much more personal contact with private landlords. Most RV owners have baptized their vehicle with their first name, and there is an emotional connection accordingly. In private sharing, for example, you can get a lovingly self-made camper or an old T2 Bulli, which would not be possible with commercial providers.

Camper sharing is also more flexible than “classic rental” because, for example, you set the time for delivery and return personally. So you can only return a vehicle at around 7 p.m., whereas with commercial rental companies – similar to a hotel – you usually have to check out before 12 p.m. The vehicles are not only available in the larger cities, but may also be available in remote locations, as the vehicles are at home with the rental companies. The landlords have also received reviews from past tenants; the sharing community can therefore benefit from the experience of others.

What distinguishes Yescapa from other sharing platforms?

The European dimension is a key factor. Compared to other providers, Yescapa does not primarily focus on the German-speaking area. We draw a Europe-wide radius and thus also cover the popular travel countries of southern Europe, such as France, Portugal, Italy or Spain including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

From a landlord perspective, we differ in terms of lower service fees and comprehensive insurance packages in all countries (embezzlement is also insured in German comprehensive insurance). We also attach great importance to personal support – if someone does not reach us by phone, we always call you back.

Is the sharing of private campers really cheaper for the customer than renting from professional providers?

Yes, the rental prices are usually cheaper and, above all, there are no additional costs, such as extra fees for instruction, gas bottle, contract, cleaning, etc.

Are there binding standards for the delivery of private rental vehicles?

With each handover, the rental contract including handover protocol must be signed by both parties. The vehicle is inspected and checked for possible damage or peculiarities, what is recorded in the rental contract – as well as filling and fuel levels etc. The landlord does a comprehensive briefing and test drive with the tenant. The deposit must also be paid if it has not been paid in advance.

Are the sharing vehicles already equipped with typical camping equipment and accessories?

Yes, usually everything you need is on board. The landlords go on vacation with the motorhomes themselves and therefore provide camping dishes, bed linen, family games, etc.

When is the ideal time to secure a rental vehicle for the next summer?

Depending on the destination and vehicle, demand can be very strong, so it is wise to book early enough, especially for classic summer destinations like Portugal and Spain. Therefore, the following applies across the board: the earlier, the better; The ideal time is the beginning of the year.

Given low interest rates, some consider buying a camper and then renting it out. What income can you expect per year with which rental period?

A motorhome is associated with very high acquisition and maintenance costs and is only used by the owner for around 70 days a year. Therefore, more and more owners are planning to rent them out before they buy them. The annual income depends on many factors – vehicle type, condition, age, region, annual share of own use etc. Most landlords use their vehicle themselves and reduce or cover through the rentals during the time when there is no own need, acquisition and Maintenance costs. There are landlords who earn well over 10,000 or 15,000 euros a year; others only rent occasionally and only earn around 2000 euros. On average, however, it is around 6000 euros per year with around 60 days of rental. However, as mentioned, the upper limit is only set by the landlord himself.

What are the costs of renting through Yescapa?

Creating an account and using the platform are completely free. With every rental, private landlords pay 4 percent of the self-determined rental price in service fees. If the rental is over 1000 euros, the landlord receives 960 euros.

Does the motorhome or caravan have to be approved for sharing as a rental vehicle?

No, the rental company does not need its own rental insurance, since the vehicle is insured with Yescapa for every rental. Your own damage-free discount will not be affected in the event of any damage during the reservation.

Who determines the rental price, the deposit and the conditions around the use (for example with animals)?

The landlord. He determines when, to whom and on what terms he rents. He is not forced to do anything, so he can also reject reservation requests.

Are there any additional risks associated with sharing? What happens if the tenant breaks down or is damaged?

When driving a motorhome, the risk of an accident is the same regardless of who it is rented from. So sharing is not an additional risk. In any case, we have put together an “all-round carefree package” with various insurance companies and our rental process, so that every rental is fully secured. In Germany, for example, we work with Allianz, which provides partial and fully comprehensive insurance including 24-hour breakdown protection across Europe. Embezzlement (also known as embezzlement) is also insured at Yescapa, compared to other providers.

In the rental process, tenants and landlords first sign a rental contract with handover and return protocol. Any previous damage is recorded there, so that – in the event of new damage during the trip – the responsibilities can be clearly defined. In addition, we send an appraiser in the event of damage, who looks at the damage and documents it. If the tenant causes damage, he has to pay a deductible and the rest of the repair costs are covered by the insurance. So there are no costs for the landlord. In order to cover possible damage or contamination of the interior, the landlord received a deposit from the tenant when the trip commenced.

Who helps in possible disputes between landlords and tenants?

In the event of a breakdown, damage or dispute, we, Yescapa, are the interface between insurance, tenant and landlord. We take care of the handling and help in the event of a dispute as an intermediary between the parties.


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