IPhone could hide screen content from prying eyes, patent says

IPhone could hide screen content from prying eyes, patent says

The iPhone of the future could hide screen content from prying eyes in a smart and automatic way. This is clear from a patent application filed by Apple, which describes a technology capable of protecting what is shown on the panel.

How many times have you stepped aside to read a private message or enter your bank’s app to prevent other people from seeing what you are doing? Thanks to the new technology that Apple has patented, you will no longer have to worry about this, since only you will be able to visualize what is shown on the screen of your mobile.

The Cupertino company presented today the patent application before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The document, titled “Gaze-dependent screen encryption”, describes a visual encryption technology for device screens that only allows viewing the content to the terminal owner.

The big change has begun in the Apple Company.

To function, this system uses facial recognition to identify the owner of the device and uses a sensor in the front camera to follow your gaze. In addition, it analyzes the user’s environment to detect if there are third parties who have their eyes on the screen.

In case someone is looking at the device, this technology encrypts the content so that it cannot be distinguished well from other angles. So, as you can see from the screenshot included in the document, only the area the owner is looking at would be clear, and the rest of the information would remain indecipherable.

In addition to the iPhone, other Apple devices could benefit from this technology, such as the iPad or the Mac.

Since this is a patent, We cannot assure that those from Cupertino will implement this technology. and, if so, when could we see it on a commercial device. We will have to wait until we know the iPhone 12 to see if they will include this system.


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