“It was unanimous, it’s rare!”



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Margaux, n ° 1 of Don’t forget the words, evokes Mickael’s journey, after his elimination: “He was unanimous, it’s rare!”

Margaux, the biggest winner of Don’t forget the words, commented on Mickael’s journey, just eliminated from the game of Nagui on France 2, with our colleagues from Tele-Loisirs.fr.

Many people have massively expressed disappointment after the elimination yesterday of Mickael, in Do not forget the lyrics. The farmer – which points to the 12th place in the ranking of the largest Maestros – still won 177,000 euros, in the space of 35 victories. But may viewers be reassured: Mickael will soon be back in the Maestros Tournament on France 2.

“It was unanimous, it’s rare!”

He will find there in particular Margaux, the biggest game winner, who was kind enough to evoke with Tele-Loisirs the journey of this newcomer. “I think Mickael looks very nice, comments Margaux. I’m happy for him. We can clearly see that as the shows progressed, he relaxed and gained confidence. He had a great trip. I know it is very appreciated. It was unanimous, it’s very rare (laughs). I had the opportunity to chat with him. The song he came across ((The last session by Eddy Mitchell, editor’s note), he knew her by heart. Of course, I think it could have gone further! But with the stress of points to catch up, it’s difficult …“Margaux, finally, who explains that after a stint on the show,”we stay on our little cloud“, advise Mickael to”enjoy“of these moments.

A highly anticipated Maestros tournament!

For the second year in a row, Nagui invites its biggest winners to compete in this proposed tournament, from Saturday March 28, 2020, in prime time on France 2. A musical competition that should not be confused with the traditional Masters, organized at the start of the school year. Some changes should be noted: it is not the 16 largest Maestros who are invited, but 18 candidates, divided into six teams of three. All will play for the benefit of associations (up to € 100,000 per program), but the winning team will still win a trip to the sun. The list of participants is to find here.