Johnson Government “rescues” 150,000 Britons from Spain

Johnson Government

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It creates a fund of 82 million euros so that airlines continue to repatriate Britons.

UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has announced that the British Government has successfully repatriated 150,000 Britons who remained trapped in Spain due to the coronavirus crisis.

Raab has indicated that “thanks to the collaboration with the Spanish authorities” it has been achieved that most tourists in Spain have been able to return to the United Kingdom in recent days.

Even so, thousands of British citizens are still unable to return to their country, due to the lack of flights and the closure of many airports around the world.

To try to solve this problem, the Government has created a fund of 75 million pounds (82 million euros) that will allow reaching agreements with airlines to transport the British who remain in many parts of the planet without the possibility of return. Airlines such as British Airways, Virgin and easyJet are already part of this project.

“Where there are no commercial flights, the government will offer charter flights to help the British return home,” said Raab.

The minister has not said how many Britons are still trapped, but he has confirmed that the Foreign Ministry call center is overflowed and has had to be reinforced. Compared to the 1,000 calls a day that used to be received, the center now has to answer more than 15,000 a day.

The United Kingdom is now beginning its second week of confinement, with a total of 1,408 deaths from registered coronaviruses. According to the government’s scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, there has been a “dramatic drop” in the number of commuters on the subway and bus, which is helping to keep the contagion under control. Since the end of last week, the UK has tightened the rules of confinement and now you can only leave the house to go shopping, go to work (if you have a special permit) and exercise once a day.

“The number of people going to the hospital is somewhat more stable than it was,” said Vallance. “That 1,000 people go a day is not an acceleration,” he assured. This number may increase slightly and is expected to start falling within two to three weeks.

The scientific advisor, however, has not given good prospects to the population about the end of the closure. “It is premature to say when the confinement will end” in the UK, he said.

Dominic Raab, asked how he is after several members of the Government have tested positive for the coronavirus, replied that “I feel perfectly”. Raab was elected Johnson’s successor in the event that the prime minister is unable to rule. Today it has been learned that Dominic Cummings, the government’s star adviser, has also tested positive and has had to be isolated. Last week Johnson himself and the Health Minister announced that they have coronaviruses.



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