Kylian Mbappe tested with coronavirus

Kylian Mbappé tested with coronavirus

The player has been sick for a few days and has not been seen during the last collective training of PSG.

Mbappe Lottin Kylian

Before the crucial meeting of the Champions League, the French media, including L’Equipe, revealed that the PSG star had passed a coronavirus screening test. A negative test still according to the sports daily.

The reasons ? A test carried out while the epidemic is spreading, without sparing France. But also because of a tenacious angina which keeps the player sidelined since Monday.

In the meantime, one thing remains certain: a big doubt hangs over his participation in the meeting against Dortmund, a meeting where PSG is badly embarked after its defeat of the first leg, but especially following the decision to play the closed meeting.


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