Labor code rules put in brackets with the coronavirus

government measures in response to the crisis

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Labor code rules put in brackets with the coronavirus

The rules will be temporarily relaxed first with regard to working time. Some companies are going to be allowed to exceed the legal weekly duration, within the limit of 60 hours per week. Will be concerned: energy, telecoms, logistics, transport, manufacturing of medical equipment or food. A precise list should be published by decree. This additional work will be paid in overtime.

In the same way, these companies in essential sectors will be able to derogate from all the rules of rest and work on Sunday.

Exceptional rules on leave

In addition, for all companies as a whole, with regard to leave, employers may require their employees to ask for up to 6 days without having to respect the notice period of one month and provided they go through a collective agreement.

They will also be able to force their employees to pay off their RTTs or even to draw on their time savings account this time, without any agreement being necessary and for the moment no limit has been set.

Yet another measure: the government has decided to postpone the payment deadline for participation and profit-sharing. Companies will therefore not have until the end of May but the end of December to pay these sums to their employees.


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