Large brands pay a bonus of 1000 euros to employees exposed to the coronavirus

Large brands pay a bonus of 1000 euros to employees exposed to the coronavirus

Several major retail chains, such as Auchan, Intermarche and Carrefour will pay this lump sum bonus under a profit-sharing agreement.

The premium is up to 1000 euros, as recommended by the government.

Despite the containment measures, the government does not want the country to be completely shutdown. This is why he had pushed companies to pay a bonus of 1000 euros to employees who still went to work. This is what many have applied major retail chains, like Auchan, Intermarche and Carrefour.

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“All employees of stores, warehouses, drives, home delivery services and e-commerce site” will be paid this lump sum, said Auchan in a statement, stating that 65,000 French employees were affected.


The various groups specified that this bonus would be paid under the conditions set out Friday by the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, that is to say that of the profit-sharing agreement of the company.

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In a press release, the Auchan CFDT welcomed “the gesture of management”. “Giving an exceptional bonus the most exposed employees, who make a real effort to provide an essential public service, is only fair to us, “said the union. But” we must also think of those who ‘under house arrest’ in telework operate the business (…) For the CFDT, an exceptional gratuity must also be given to them, “he added.

The Minister recalled that companies had until June 30 to pay this tax-free premium up to 1000 euros and on which do not weigh social charges.

A first death in commerce

But the CGT federation of trade and services denounces that “profit comes before life” by attacking the government’s inaction. She announced in a press release Sunday a first death due to Covid-19 in this sector.

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“Despite our many alerts on the dramatic situation experienced by employees in trade and services, to which government and employers remain completely deaf and dumb, we today deplore the first death of an employee in our sectors,” writes the union.

He is a 45-year-old CGT elected official responsible for security at the O’Parinor shopping center in Aulnay-sous-Bois in the Paris region, specifies the CGT Commerce et services. “Today, we are counting more and more employees in our sectors who are contaminated by this virus,” continues the union, for whom “shake the bonus of 1000 euros to encourage employees to work, which is more in conditions dangerous, is the most complete contempt for human life. ”

The CGT Commerce and Services “requires that all protective measures be put in place immediately for employees who have no choice but to work”, and calls on “all employees forced to work to exercise their right of withdrawal as soon as when they fear for their health. ”


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