Laurent Ruquier disappointed by Florence Foresti, he subtly tackles the humorist

Laurent Ruquier disappointed by Florence Foresti, he subtly tackles the humorist

The Cesar 2020 ceremony which took place on February 28 has still not finished making talk. After many celebrity reactions, it is now Laurent Ruquier’s turn to speak on this event.

If every year, the Cesars honor French cinema, the biggest hexagonal ceremony dedicated to the seventh art was this year a bitter taste to say the least. In question ? The controversy linked to the nomination of the Franco-Polish director, Roman Polanski, for his film I accuse, when he is accused of multiple rapes. The ceremony was also marked by the numerous allusions and pikes targeting the filmmaker made by Florence Foresti, mistress of ceremony. Another highlight of the event: departure of Adele Haenel to announce the victory of Polanski. If this gesture was congratulated by several personalities like for example Juliette Binoche, others have hardly tasted these reactions. Starting with the comedian Lambert Wilson who attacked the main stakeholders violently or Frederic Beigbeder who attacked the humorist. Today is the turn of Laurent Ruquier to share his impressions of the French cinema festival who looked more like a huge fair this year.

Florence Foresti “excellent the first 10 minutes”

The animator of Children of TV therefore returned on March 6 to the ceremony of the Caesars in the columns of Parisian. He notably expressed his feelings towards this edition to say the least special, not without sending a picnic to the actress responsible for hosting the evening. ” It’s a little sad to see a ceremony like that. I looked a little, because I had want to see Florence Foresti, which I found excellent the first 10 minutes. Otherwise, nothing pleased me. Ten minutes, that corresponds precisely to time taken by the humorist before attacking the award-winning director, including him about Atchoum. Anyway, we will remember these Cesar 2020 for a long time, and not necessarily for good reasons.