Learn how to use lemongrass in cooking

Learn how to use lemongrass in cooking

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Learn how to use lemongrass in cooking

Lemongrass is a tropical aromatic plant with a lemon scent. Its stems are often used to flavor dishes. Here are our tips for using lemongrass in the kitchen.

How to use lemongrass?

If you buy fresh lemongrass, you must cut the first 6 cm of the stem from the base. The rest of the stem, tender, should be peeled and detailed into sticks. Lemongrass can then be incorporated at the end of cooking in sauces with coconut milk, to accompany a sauteed beef, curry dishes, lemongrass chicken, lemongrass bar ceviche, lemongrass fruit soups.

It is also delicious in herbal tea, with ginger and honey. Or to make lemongrass oil.

What does lemongrass taste like?

The flavor of lemongrass is very characteristic: it is also called lemon grass because of its lemon and very fresh taste. Very used in Asian cuisine, particularly in Vietnam and Thailand, it pleasantly flavor dishes.

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What are the benefits of lemongrass?

Lemongrass has of recognized health benefits : not only does it help to fight against stress, against intestinal gas, but it soothes joint and rheumatic pain. It also turns out to be an ally against fever and flu and promotes a good digestion.

How to freeze lemongrass?

Do you have fresh lemongrass and want to keep it? It is quite possible to freeze. Cut and separate the base of the stems from the top. The base, not very tender, will be used to flavor broths, herbal teas or sauces. Freeze the bases of the upper parts of the stems separately in freezer bags.

Terrine with spring vegetables and lemongrass

How to make a lemongrass tea?

With some anti-inflammatory properties, the lemongrass tea is very popular during the flu. You can do it very easily: you will need lemongrass cut in half lengthwise and fresh ginger to infuse in boiling water. You can then add honey to lightly sweeten your herbal tea.

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