L’Oreal launches a solidarity program to support European health services

L'Oréal launches a solidarity program to support European health services

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Large groups in the fashion and beauty sectors are turning to contribute their grain of sand and contribute their help to alleviate the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The group The real has released a statement informing that it has activated various initiatives at European level to support the groups most affected in the fight against him Covid-19. From hospitals and residences to pharmacies, companies in charge of food distribution, hairdressers, perfumeries and small businesses.

Among the measures adopted by The real is the production in their factories disinfectant for hands, something that he already started doing last week, but that in the coming weeks will intensify to produce more significant quantities. Specific, “La Roche-Posay It will assist healthcare staff and pharmacists by providing hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies with hand sanitizer. For his part, Garnier wants to support its European customers in charge of food distribution by supplying them with free hand sanitizer. ”

In addition, to collaborate with small companies, such as hairdressers or perfume shops, which distribute products of the Group’s brands, The real will freeze their bills until they can reopen their businesses. The initiative launched by the group also contemplates “helping providers that they will most suffer the consequences of the economic slowdown expected as a consequence of the pandemic, for which L’Oreal will reduce their payment terms and will carry them out immediately. ”

The statement also states that the “L’Oreal Foundation –Based in France– has decided to donate a million euros to the non-profit organizations and foundations with which it already collaborates, to whom it will be offered hygiene kits (shower gel and shampoo) and hand sanitizer for social workers, volunteers and beneficiaries. ”

“Before this crisis unprecedented it’s our responsibility support in every possible way those who are making a great effort. With all these measures we want to show our appreciation, our support and our solidarity with those who are showing great courage in a disinterested way and are striving to combat this pandemic, “he said. Jean-Paul Agon, President and CEO of L’Oreal.


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