Luxury masks are already a reality and we do not know very well what to think

Luxury masks are already a reality and we do not know very well what to think

Is it legal to take advantage of a global health crisis like the current one to get a return on your business? Smart, business level, of course yes. Responsible, on a moral level, perhaps we are not so clear. The Covid-19 has caused many countries, including Spain, declare the alarm state. A measure that aims to reduce the number of infections by the virus and thus decrease the number of patients in hospitals. Currently the health services are collapsed and health professionals working left and right, almost without resources and with a shortage of masks, to end this delicate situation as soon as possible. In the midst of this sanitary chaos, there are many brands that have decided to create and market luxury face masks. A way to exploit the coronavirus business that will most likely generate financial benefits for firms but that has surprised us. And a lot.

According to World Health OrganizationOnly those people who have respiratory symptoms (cough, sneeze, throat clearing …) should wear a mask to avoid infecting the rest as well as all caregivers or healthcare professionals. However, and despite this official statement, the collective alarm began long before the Alarm status by the government. In February alone, the demand for masks increased 8,000% over the same month in 2019. 8,000%! A figure that, transferred to the business world, translates into income.

Renowned international brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Off-White or Louis Vuitton They have released luxurious versions of the traditional mask. Spanish as Eduardo Navarrete or The Countess They have also done the same, although with much more justified motives or prices. Many companies have seen the current situation as a business opportunity. Opportunists or visionaries? The debate is open.


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