Madrid completes the opening of medicalized hotels for the lightly ill

Madrid completes the opening of medicalized hotels for the lightly ill

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Soldiers from the Parachutist Brigade (Bripac) carry mattresses from a hotel in the center of Alcala bound for the Hospital de Henares.

The constant monitoring that minor patients require with coronavirus -60% of the total- has motivated the launch of the next level of the medical assistance in the Community of Madrid, which includes the forthcoming daily opening of both health centers to reinforce home monitoring of patients and medicalized hotels in the case of people who are already in good health but still require isolation

The punctual monitoring of mild cases is vital, as explained by the Ministry of Health. “What makes the difference between mild and severe symptoms is dyspnea, shortness of breath, where a range is opened that goes from hospitalization to the ICU, where respirators are already required”, the counselor, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has warned.

The regional executive has received the offer of up to 60,000 beds from the hotel association. A volume that allows you, for the moment, to discard those of high height and few windows.

The operation will be fully controlled by Health to facilitate the execution of all services, from cleaning, laundry and dining room service. Due to the characteristics of the patients in these new resources, they will have a “reasonable” component of nursing personnel and medical supervision for this transition period before they are discharged, and their opening will be imminent, “at the latest” this Wednesday. .

This will allow hospitals to have facilities focused on critically ill and critically ill patients, over 30% of the total of the region.

Regarding the health centers, the Minister of Health has announced that they will be open daily, including on weekends. An ambitious goal that can be accomplished after taxis and VTCs have been offered for home transfers.

On the other hand, there are the medicalized residences, where the Community of Madrid has already transferred in writing to the various entities that transfer which ones are available, to avoid transfers to hospitals.

At the same time, telephone control continues to be strengthened in the field of Primary Care given that they will be provided with 700 more mobiles, together with the online platform to follow the patients assigned through the toll-free number 900 102 112.

Health centers will open daily, including weekends


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