Magali Ripoll explains why Nagui seems so distant

Magali Ripoll explains why Nagui seems so distant

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Don’t forget the words: Magali Ripoll explains why Nagui seems so distant

Singer and multi-instrumentalist savvy in Remember the words, Magali Ripoll has become – over time – a friend of Nagui. The actress explains why the host likes to be distant at times.

Monday to Saturday, in Do not forget the lyrics, Magali Ripoll gives of her person by authorizing herself everything and anything to make the audience of France 2 laugh. This freedom of tone and behavior, the actress – singer owes it to the great master of the game, namely Nagui. ” The contact with Nagui was frank, she remembered when she was talking about her casting for the show in the columns of Here Paris. It’s someone whole. He’s the boss, he knows what he wants, it is demanding. “ Recognizing that there was pressure on her shoulders, the young woman added: “He accompanies us. He’s a real leader. The challenge is important, but it unrolls the carpet for us to make it work. So no conflicts. No barriers, no obstacles. Invited to mention her cathodic patron in the Belgian edition of North Eclair, Magali Ripoll goes further and says that Nagui asked her to do more. “While others asked me to be more sober, it was he who came to me to give me carte blanche and encourage me to dare to pretend to be clown in the show, she reveals. He really wanted to highlight me and he is kind to the musicians. “

Nagui distant, Magali Ripoll explains why

After twelve years of good and loyal service in Do not forget the lyrics, Magali Ripoll admits that it is always a pleasure to record the karaoke program. When our colleagues from North Eclair ask her if she plans to stay there for ten more years, the young woman replies “So I don’t know at all and I don’t want to know! I’m always going with the flower with a gun, it’s a big workload, but as long as I vibrate, I go. “ To those who find Nagui distant, Magali Ripoll can only acquiesce but explains such behavior. “He is in life as he is in the show, declares the young woman. He may seem distant because he is very busy and it probably takes a while to trust. “ But once you have it, there’s no reason why it should be taken from you.