Malu’s photo before giving birth in quarantine raises many questions

Malú's photo before giving birth in quarantine raises many questions

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Malu turned 38 in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Almost from the beginning, Malu’s pregnancy, who will very soon become the mother of her first child with Albert Rivera, has been surrounded by mystery.

Since the news was confirmed more than three months ago, the singer and the former leader of Ciudadanos have chosen to keep everything related to their private life under seven keys.

In the final stretch towards childbirth the sex and name of the baby is still unknown although in some media it has been rumored that it would be a boy and would be called Mario.

To make matters worse Malu The coronavirus crisis and the mandatory quarantine for all Spaniards have crossed her in full pregnancy and in the middle of confinement her 38th birthday turned out to be somewhat atypical.

Of course, the singer decided to share with her many fans a photo of her with a large birthday cake and candles with the number 38 lit. However, you can hardly see the state of pregnancy of Malu, who covers the pregnant gut with the cake.

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In the post he acknowledges that “it is being a different birthday, but the most special of my life.” Publication that received thousands of likes from his followers, whom he wanted to thank “for so many congratulations”: “We will soon celebrate it, but while we stay home eating cake. ”

In fact, both she and Rivera have joined the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa hashtag. Much commented was his message of support to the health personnel who are working so hard these days to take care of everyone and which was accompanied by a drawing that has gone viral: “I have felt the need to publish it to thank all the health professionals who are at the foot of the canyon in all situations, especially on these difficult days. ”

What the photo does not clear, apart from the state of evolution of the singer’s pregnancy, is with whom he is passing the quarantine …

In fact, Rivera He has not uploaded a photo of his girlfriend’s birthday, nor any with her. The last post is from an Italian baby, yes, in a message of hope and support to all the Spaniards who are confined:


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