Markus Maria Profitlich about Parkinson: “Didn’t want someone to say: Does he have an alcohol problem?”

Markus Maria Profitlich about Parkinson:

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Almost two years ago, Markus Maria Profitlich made his Parkinson’s diagnosis public. The 59-year-old no longer wanted to “hide his illness” – a step that was very difficult for him.

Markus Maria Profitlich self-ironically described himself as the heavyweight of comedy – and called a tour “Heavily Crazy!”. Around two years ago, he also made his illness of Parkinson’s disease public.

But dealing with this physical aspect was anything but easy, as he now told the dpa news agency: “It took me a year and a half to be able to deal with it openly,” he says. “It was quite a turning point in my life. I didn’t want to hide it any longer.”

“You know where it will end”

After all, the fact that his right hand is trembling cannot be hidden on stage. “I didn’t want anyone to say, ‘Look, your hand is shaking. Does he have an alcohol problem?'” Says the TV comedian, who became known in the nineties and will turn 60 next Wednesday. He looks back shortly before his birthday – and is “happy for every day that I can stand on stage”.

Profitable, who has been making money with comedy for more than 30 years, is serious and careful when talking about his health. He says: “You know where it will end if you have this disease.” His career continues anyway. Born in Bonn, he moves from stage to stage with his programs, usually playing in front of 300 to 400 spectators. He has performed almost 190 times in the past two years. He often has pain in the joints.

“Drink a bottle of red wine with my wife”

Parkinson’s is incurable, affects body control and speech ability with increasing duration. But it shouldn’t sound like resignation: “The body just wants to make you small. You have to fight against it, exercise a lot, do sports, ride a bike. Especially now.”

Millions of television viewers know profitably from, among other things, the Sat.1 comedy “Mensch Markus”. The comedian had his most successful time at the beginning of the turn of the century, he became known with the “weekly show”.

He still wants to do comedy for two or three years. After that he only had one goal: “At 70 or 80 I don’t want to be on stage anymore. I see myself comfortably drinking a bottle of red wine in the armchair with my wife.”

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