Mats Hummels is annoyed about the unsportsmanlike behavior of the players

Mats Hummels is annoyed about the unsportsmanlike behavior of the players

BVB defender Mats Hummels has been annoyed by the unsportsmanlike behavior of numerous footballers, especially swallows. However, he took the referees under protection and sees a role model in handball.

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The BVB defender thinks swallows have lost nothing in football.

“I also hope that it will be common practice that the balls will no longer be knocked out. When I look at handball, I love it: whistle, the ball is put down and everyone sprints backwards. If that were done in football for six months , it would be like that, “said Hummels in an interview with 11 friends.

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Since the second half of the year, the referees have been picking up yellow cards more quickly than usual after complaints from players – a development that the former Bayern professional describes as “very good”, so that “certain players are no longer allowed to start aggressively or have six players move around and chat “.

A thorn in the side of the 31-year-old is especially the flaying of penalties, for which there is “too much space” and for which the protagonists are also sometimes praised. “I want a swallow to never be called clever again. It upsets me a lot. That would also be a great role model for the lower classes.”

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Mats Hummels: Championship is “still fully in it”

Hummels is certain to have made the right decision after returning to BVB after three years in Munich, as he is “tired of these moments here in the stadium”. “This season we already had some games that I enjoyed immensely, for example against Inter, against Barcelona, ​​Paris and Gladbach in the Bundesliga.”

With four points behind FC Bayern, Borussia is currently in the chasing role, but the championship is “still fully in it”. To do this you have to “maintain seriousness and determination, because we have gifted footballers”. He believes that criticism of his team is too inappropriate: “No team in the world is always there, never has a bad day or a game doesn’t even go wrong. But that shouldn’t happen too often.”

At his station at FC Bayern – where he played from 2016 to 2019 – Hummels got a new look at the winning mentality: “I learned that even more. When training games were coming up in Munich, people wanted to win. There was really fire in it, and whoever lost was angry. A competitive situation in training has to be created if you want to hold up a cup or bowl in May. “

Mats Hummels: Statistics at BVB and FC Bayern

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