McLaren F1 director stays in Australia with quarantined employees

McLaren F1 director stays in Australia with quarantined employees

Andreas Seidl, team manager McLaren In Formula 1, he has decided not to fly to Europe and has stayed in Australia, along with employees who are quarantined by the coronavirus and the first member of the infected paddock.

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As soon as the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, staff traveling the world in the queen category decided to return home to their family. Most of them are European, where the situation has worsened a lot in the last few days, and once it became known that the race would not be held, there was no point in staying away from home.

All have been able to return to their families except the employee of McLaren infected with coronavirus, which tested positive last Thursday, and colleagues in quarantine in Australia for having maintained contact with him, as a precautionary measure.

They have been joined in an exemplary way Andreas Seidl, McLaren team principal, with the goal of keeping quarantined employees motivated and teaming up. “At the moment I am staying with my employees, in order to support them”, Seidl said to F1-Insider.

Seidl decided McLaren not to race in Australia

Seidl It was he who made the decision that McLaren not run in Australia after one of his employees tested positive for coronavirus. The German, who was responsible for the successful program Le Mans of Porsche before coming to McLaren, he transferred his decision to Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing.

“I had to act immediately and decided to withdraw the team from the race. My decision was fully supported by the team owners. There was no other option for me. The safety of my employees was my priority ”, he explains.

In addition to the quarantine in which the employees of McLaren In Australia, along with the coronavirus infection, the rest of the team that has traveled to Melbourne will have to be at home for a period of 15 days, before returning to their activity at the headquarters of the Woking team.

McLaren It was he who triggered the situation that ended with the definitive cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix. If the race had been disputed, it would have been absolutely irresponsible, given the potential for contagion that could exist both in the paddock and in the stands.

Following the measures taken by other countries, Australia now forces all those who enter their country to carry out a mandatory quarantine. Also, there are currently travel restrictions in most countries in Europe. Therefore, the race was canceled on time (and thanks to McLaren and Mercedes) so that employees could return home.

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