Michael Caine has no idea what ‘Tenet’ is about (even if he starred in it)

Michael Caine has no idea what 'Tenet' is about (even if he starred in it)

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No one understood anything about trailer from Tenet once saw the light, and that’s fine. Christopher Nolan He is still determined to blow our heads with his temporary games and plots as convoluted as they are over-explained, promising to give his new movie a good dose of both elements, as well as others that we already associate with his cinema. For example, the presence of Michael Caine.

The veteran actor, who just turns 86 today, began working with Nolan in 2005 as a result of Batman Begins, and since then hardly a film has been lost, no matter how small its role. During an extensive interview with The Hindu He has spoken about his relationship with the filmmaker and answered the odd question about Tenet Although, of course, he cannot say much about the latter.

And it is that Caine has no idea what the plot of this film is, because of an extremely synthetic shoot. “All I did was go to work one day and have my pages given to me”, he explained. “I only filmed with John David Washington, and no one has told me anything since then.”

It seems that the prestigious interpreter only has one scene in Tenet, and who knows as little as we do about the plot of the film. The film, to be released this July 17th, has in its cast with Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, Clemence Poesy and the aforementioned Washington.

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