Minimalism – what do i really need?

Minimalism - what do i really need?

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Minimalism – what do i really need?

If I leave everything out, what remains? Minimalism as a lifestyle is not only trendy, it also opens up a new perspective on everyday life and consumption. In the podcast we talk about people who empty their apartments and evaporate their lives into what really matters.

Anton Weste, editor at t3n, welcomes two guests at the microphone. Jasmin Mittag is an artist and activist from Hanover who, in her project “100 days – 100 things”, packed all the objects from her everyday life into the basement and only brought out one object every day. In the photo project “The One Thing“She shot people from all over the world with the thing that is most important to them. Svenja Weib from the content creation team at t3n occasionally gets to hear from guests that it echoes in her apartment. She tells of her minimalism she has lived for years.

Artist Jasmin Mittag documents her 100-day self-experiment Instagram. (Photo: Instagram / minimalism now)

“Minimalism as a lifestyle has an incredibly high potential to inspire us all to make the best of our lives by concentrating on what is essential to us,” says Jasmin Mittag. For everyone who wants to try it out, there are tips to start with and a few rules of thumb.

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Jasmin Mittag as guest in the t3n podcast. She gives tips on a few rules of thumb about minimalism.

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