Mother and Son Conquer Cancer Together

Mother and Son Conquer Cancer Together

Within a few months, Vici Ribgy and George, his son, learned that they both have cancer. But four years later, these two Britons finally conquered the disease and were completely cured.

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In the fall of 2016, when she was 40 years old, Vici Ribgy was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Fate rages on this family, since only four months later, her son George is diagnosed with leukemia, as the mother explains: “When I got sick, I was in shock and my first thought was for my boys. When George was diagnosed, the ground ducked under my feet a second time. ”

The mother and her son therefore begin particularly heavy treatments, in particular chemotherapy and various operations. After three and a half years of hospital care, the two patients are now fully recovered and can resume their lives. “You think this day will never come. A certain routine takes hold, punctuated by hospital appointments and then, in one go, you can start planning a vacation again without worrying, “says Vici.

Happy ending

Following Vici’s recovery, the family decided to move to Birningham, nearly 570 kilometers from their previous home. Despite the distance, George, who was not fully recovered at the time, continued to go to the same hospital. “The staff at Worcester Hospital were exceptional. The care was perfect and that’s why we didn’t want to transfer George. We are really grateful, this is a second family for us, ’says the grateful mom.

If everyday life has not always been easy in recent years, the future has now become clearer for Vici and her little boy. Hospital staff sent a message to the Rigbys: “It has been a pleasure to take care of George and his family for the past three years. George was very courageous during his treatment. He is full of energy and never complains. He plays soccer, goes to the swimming pool and is a very good student at school. They’ve been through a lot, but it’s great to see a happy ending, despite the tough times. “

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