mother of three found dead in car

mother of three found dead in car

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is currently experiencing a drama. The mother of her three children, Josie Harris, 40, was found dead in her car on Monday, March 9.

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Floyd Mayweather: mother of three found dead in car

It is the American site TMZ which reports the information. Josie Harris, mother of three, boxer Floyd Mayweather supported by Lil Wayne during his fights, was found dead in his car in the city of Valencia, California.

In love since high school, the couple gave birth to three children, Zion Shamaree Mayweather (20 years old), Koraun Mayweather (18 years old) and Jirah Mayweather (15 years old), before separating in 2017. Their relationship was not all easy days. The former boxer was given two months in prison for hitting Josie Harris while they were living together.

In September 2010 the boxer broke into her house while she was sleeping. He had attacked him in the presence of the children. Since that day, Josie Harris admitted that she still had a lump in her stomach when Floyd Mayweather came to pick up the children.

The criminal track dismissed

The young woman had confided in their relationship in a long interview attributed to USA Today in 2017. “I was a battered woman. I felt embarrassed to say that I was a battered woman. I was ashamed. I felt like it was my fault. what did i do? i didn’t understand what it was like a battered woman at the time. now i know i was in a dysfunctional relationship. ”

Floyd Mayweather at the time at war with Justin Bieber, is currently in Amsterdam and has not yet reacted to the death of his ex-partner. An investigation is underway to understand the causes of the death of Josie Harris. But it would seem that the investigators have already dismissed the criminal track.


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