Motorhome tour to the Bavarian thermal spa region – tips for parking spaces in Lower Bavaria

Motorhome tour to the Bavarian thermal spa region - tips for parking spaces in Lower Bavaria

The rivers Danube and Inn are the lifelines of Lower Bavaria. The region is playing another trump card with the golf and thermal region. Matching 12 parking spaces in the region.

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Bad Griesbach im Rottal: The town square with the colorful town houses is the parlor of the health resort.

Bavaria is booming. The Free State also has the edge in Germany when it comes to parking spaces, because no other federal state has more offers for motorhomes. No wonder Upper Bavaria dominates the ranking of the ten Bavarian regions that are listed in the promobil database. Its counterpart, Lower Bavaria, however, occupies one of the last places in terms of the number of parking spaces. Reason enough to drive past? Not at all! And that has to do mainly with the golf and thermal country.

For a week through Lower Bavaria

The perfect tour, for which a week should be planned, starts in Passau. The cathedral and three-river city in the far east of the republic is easy to reach via the A3 motorway and is undoubtedly one of the top destinations in Bavaria.

The location of the much visited old town peninsula is special. At the top, the Inn and the Ilz flow into the Danube. The baroque buildings are particularly distinctive, especially the mighty St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It impresses not only with the largest baroque interior north of the Alps, but also with the largest cathedral organ in the world. In the narrow streets you can stroll and discover a lot. This also opens up a view of the other bank of the Danube, above which the picturesque fortress of the bishops towers – the Veste Oberhaus.

A total of 58 spaces are reserved for motorhomes in the winter harbor, at the Ilz Bridge and in the bus parking lot, which is often not enough in the season. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives in the surrounding area. The heart of motorhome tourism beats in the spa triangle between Bad Fussing, Bad Griesbach and Bad Birnbach.

On the way there, it is definitely worth planning several stops. The first leads in Neuburg to the castle, which is visible from afar high above the Inn. Then it’s off to Neuhaus, where the baroque Marienkirche from Kloster Vornbach is just as worth seeing as the moated castle on the banks of the Inn. The best view of the rococo-style complex can be seen from the Inn Bridge. The change of sides over the Inn river brings another highlight of the tour: the baroque city of Scharding. It already belongs to Upper Austria and is famous for its overwhelming old town ensemble around the town square.

Almost endless selection of thermal baths

in the Pool triangle once arrived, visitors who come here for the thermal baths are spoiled for choice: in Bad Fussing alone, three thermal baths – Europa Therme, Therme 1 and Johannesbad – vie for customers with thermal water at 56 degrees. Alternatives are the Rottal Terme in Bad Birnbach or the Wohlfuhl-Therme in Bad Griesbach. The trio still has one thing in common, because here it is the campsites in unison that offer separate parking spaces for motorhomes. If you choose the parking space at the Holmernhof Dreiquellenbad, you can even immerse yourself in the hot thermal water on the camping site. It comes from the Vital-Therme Reichersberg.

Bad Griesbach is not only a thermal bath, but also a hotspot for golfers. The Quellness Golf Resort is connected to nine golf courses, and the Sagmuhle Golf Club adds a tenth. There is also a golf school here, which is considered the largest of its kind in the world.

The paths separate in Bad Griebbach. If you bring a little more time, you can drive along the Rott creek to Pfarrkirchen and Eggenfelden or to Massing, which is known for its open-air museum and the Berta Hummel Museum. The route to Ortenburg is shorter. Its magnificent castle, which also includes a wildlife park, is the flagship of the market.

There are also two options for the onward journey there: either northwards, to Vilshofen, which has an excellent parking space, or via Furstenzell back to Passau. No matter what the goal is, one thing is certain: the Bavaria boom has rightly affected Lower Bavaria.

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