New coronavirus positives drop for fourth consecutive day in Italy

New coronavirus positives drop for fourth consecutive day in Italy

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The number of deaths with the coronavirus in Italy reached 7,503 on Wednesday, with 683 registered in 24 hours, a figure lower than the previous day.

The current positive cases amount to 57,521, 3,491 more than on Tuesday, bringing down the new infections for the fourth consecutive day, according to the data offered today by Civil Protection.

In total 9,362 people have been cured (more than a thousand in the last twenty-four hours) and the total number of coronavirus cases since the outbreak was detected in Italy is 74,386.

This Wednesday, the head of the Italian Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, presented feverish symptoms early, so he had to leave the agency and has not offered the daily press conference with which until now he communicated updated data on this emergency .

Although Civil Protection initially reported that the appearance before the media was suspended, finally the institution’s deputy director, Agostino Miozzo, and the operational director Luigi D’Angelo attended.

Miozzo made it clear that Italy is at a crucial moment to try to overcome the peak of transmissions and begin to stop the pandemic, something that will be seen in the coming days.

“We are in a phase of apparent stability, we consider that the number of new infected is consistent with the trend of the spread that the virus has had in the country. It is still essential to maintain the indications that we have been giving for weeks, comply with the regulations and don’t let your guard down, “he stressed.

The most affected region is still Lombardy, with 32,346 total infections and 4,474 deaths, followed by Emilia Romagna (10,054 infections), Veneto (6,442) and Piedmont (6,024).

Of the current 57,521 patients, only 3,489 are in intensive care units, while 30,920 are in home isolation and 23,112 are admitted to hospitals.

To contain the pandemic, the Italian Government has imposed a series of restrictive measures, has limited the mobility of people and has closed productive activities and non-essential businesses, schools and universities, entertainment venues and parks.



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