New quick test should enable a diagnosis in 20 minutes

New quick test should enable a diagnosis in 20 minutes

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The corona virus has arrived in Germany – and with the number of sufferers, the fear of infection increases. A German company has now developed a rapid test that can reliably detect the corona virus in 20 minutes.The corona virus has now reached Germany – and with it the anxiety before being infected with the lung disease.

Nationwide, more and more new cases are emerging – an end to the spread cannot yet be assumed.

So far, possible sick people have been examined using a so-called laboratory test in order to identify the pathogens.

This process usually takes several hours until the medical personnel have a reliable result – but now there is a quick test for the exact diagnosis of the coronavirus.

The company PharmACT has developed a procedure that should provide a reliable result of an infection with the novel virus within 20 minutes.

The test can already be ordered in pharmacies and can be used by doctors or medical professionals.

Corona rapid test: reliable result in 20 minutes

The rapid test is aimed exclusively at diagnosing the coronavirus and is particularly easy to use. For this purpose, a doctor takes blood from the patient’s fingertip and puts two drops on the test cassette of the rapid test.

A control line is formed within a few seconds, which provides information as to whether the test was carried out correctly. After about 30 seconds, a reddish color forms that runs across the test membrane.

In contrast to the usual laboratory test, which takes several hours, the quick test provides the result of the blood test and the possible infection with the corona virus after 20 minutes.

It was shown that the results of the quick test are just as reliable as those of the laboratory, so that the quick test offers maximum security.

Result at different stages of the infection

After 20 minutes, the test shows two other lines next to the test control line, which are important for the interpretation of the result.

They show whether the immunoglobulins M (igM) and G (igG) are present in the blood tested – and thus an infection with the coronavirus.

If the test shows a positive line of the igM, the disease is still in a relatively early stage. The immunoglobulin igG, on the other hand, shows that the patient is already in a late phase.

If neither line is detected in the rapid test, the patient can assume that he is not infected with the coronavirus.

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