New rules for design changers – helmets of the F1 pilots 2020

New rules for design changers - helmets of the F1 pilots 2020

© Ricciardo
In terms of helmet design, the pilots came up with some interesting innovations for the 2020 season. In the gallery we show the official portraits and helmets of the 20 drivers …

The drivers had to do without the race in Melbourne. But at least the organizers were able to pull through the obligatory photo appointments in Albert Park on Thursday. Shortly before the start of the season, one pilot after the other – along with the new helmets – is asked every year for the official portrait shoot in the paddock.

In line with this, the FIA ​​World Council had only published a change in the regulations a few days earlier. The ban on changing helmet designs, which had been in force since 2015, has now been abolished without further ado. It said that the pilots must always be on the road with the same basic design throughout the season.

In the past few years, only one exception per year was permitted. The drivers were allowed to celebrate their home grand prix or anniversary race with a special helmet. From now on pilots can change their look as often as they want.

Hard times for TV commentators

The rule change did not only come about on the initiative of the driver. The changing helmet designs are also very popular with fans. They contribute to the fact that the social networks talk about Formula 1, which is known to do the whole scene good. The only ones moaning about the constantly new looks are the TV commentators, for whom it becomes more difficult to identify the pilots in the car.

The new rule came too early for the race weekend in Melbourne. Most pilots still had the old regulations in mind when designing their 2020 helmets. It will probably take a few weeks until the painters have made new versions. But currently all races are canceled until May anyway.

Some pilots will start this year with a completely different look. Lewis Hamilton had three variants of his new “Purple Helmet” made, all of which differ in detail. During the test drives in Barcelona, ​​the world champion changed the versions on a test basis.

Ricciardo with rainbow helmet

Daniel Ricciardo took his time to present his new helmet until the home game in Australia. Only shortly before the paddock in Albert Park opened the gates, the local hero released the secret. As in the previous year, Ricciardo presented the most striking helmet design in the whole field.

In addition to the squeaky color mix in various bright neon tones, there are also some special details that catch the eye. A smiley button is painted on the top of the helmet, which lies exactly in the field of vision of the onboard camera. It reads: “Smile! Smile! Smile! You’re on camera “.

Ricciardo also came up with a new motto for the 2020 helmet. After the man from Perth had traveled under the slogan “Don’t be them” last year, the lettering “Become Unstuck” is now on the side of the helmet, which means that you are not on hold on to old things but also let go.

In the gallery we show you an overview of the new helmets of all 20 pilots together with the official driver portraits.


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