new videos attest to police violence at the Women’s March

new videos attest to police violence at the Women's March

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Brussels: new videos attest to police violence at the Women’s March

The Collecti.e.f 8 maars de Bruxelles held a press conference on Tuesday. They presented various testimonies and videos attesting to police violence during the women’s march on Sunday.

Since Sunday, the collecti.e.f 8 maars, on the initiative of the Sunday women’s march and the women’s strike, have gathered various testimonies of police violence suffered during and outside the procession. Videos were also presented at the press conference convened by the organizers on Tuesday. By cross-referencing various testimonies from direct victims or from people who witnessed the events, the Collecti.e.f identified different times and places where violence took place.

First, the attack on two young women on rue des Six Jeunes men, where plainclothes police violently dragged demonstrators out of the procession. These are testimonies that Le Soir had already collected Sunday night. A new video transmitted to the collecti.e.f, and filmed from a balcony, shows the reaction of the police who bludgeon the people who try to intervene. There are a broken wrist, baton blows on the chest, shoulders, etc. Another video reveals a policeman’s close grip on a young woman, who was caught from behind and dragged to the ground while she was doing graffiti on the ground. “We were demonstrating for women’s rights by talking about serious facts, such as rape, violence, etc. , testifies this victim. And we are violated for a little graffiti in the rain! It’s totally disproportionate. ”

Then, other violence took place near the Mint: a police officer struck the face of a young woman, who tried to intervene when her boyfriend was dragged away and tackled to the ground by several police officers. It’s about the video which began to circulate on various sites on Monday. The young woman, who sent a written testimony to the collecti.e.f, left the hospital at 10 p.m. with three stitches. She is still in shock. The man on the ground could have a broken jaw. “Many victims have medical certificates,” says Collecti.e.f.

The organizers also received a testimony and a video of racist violence in the main square, against a woman wearing a veil which masked her face. Finally, at the end of the demonstration, around the central station, poster stickers were also allegedly attacked and arrested, but the collecti.e.f has less information.

An open investigation

Victims are considering filing a complaint. At the same time, an investigation was opened Sunday evening, even if the spokesperson for the Brussels-Ixelles zone, Ilse Van de keere, had first declared in the Evening that he had no information. “A report has been drawn up on the whole incident and an investigation is under way to find out what really happened,” said Olivier Slosse, spokesman for the Brussels-Capital police area, on Monday. / Ixelles. “In particular, it will be examined whether the use of violence by the police was appropriate and proportionate. The agent’s blow could also be investigated. ”

For the Collecti.e.f, “the events of March 8th are yet another attack on the bodies of women, and of other minority bodies. They are the expression of that patriarchal, racist, classist, LGBTophobic systemic violence against which we are rising. “He calls on all feminist associations, social, union and political movements to” publicly condemn this intolerable management of public order in a “rule of law” and the normalization of police repressions “.


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