Oily hair? 7 hairstyles that hide unwashed roots

Oily hair? 7 hairstyles that hide unwashed roots

Tired of washing your hair frequently in times when we hardly ever go outside? STYLEBOOK has the best styling tips that perfectly conceal a greasy approach.

In contrast to the wet look, the sleek style does not have to be wet, the approach is simply treated with gel. Then the hair is simply combed to the parting or strictly back, the look is done! Works particularly well with hairstyles like the bob, but even long hair can be styled casually and quickly.

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Braided hairstyle

The rule is: the messier the hairstyle, the less unwashed hair will be noticed! Perfect: a wild braided hairstyle. If the approaches are already very greasy, they can be treated with dry shampoo in advance. Individual braids that are intertwined and tied together look particularly beautiful.


If the last hair wash was a long time ago, a high-necked bun is the ideal solution. With the help of a bun, the bun becomes even more voluminous. The side hair can also be treated with dry shampoo, gel or hair spray, so they look nourished and the greasy roots disappear.

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French twist

The French twist – also called banana – looks classy and perfectly conceals oily hair thanks to styling cream and gel. Simply comb your hair back, twist the braid in, fold it in at the side and pin it with a few hairpins. For a little extra glamor, jewelry pins can be inserted into the side of the twist.

Side bun

The side snail buns are also a perfect bad hair day hairstyle. Simply tie a braid on the side of the head and twist the hair tightly, then fix it with hair clips and hair spray. If you like it a little more unusual, just try two buns, one on each side of the head.

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Antoup and hair accessories

Slightly twisted hair makes the roots look less flat and streaky. To do this, brush the hair on the top of the head with a comb in parts and comb it again lightly. If the hair is lightly greased, the side strands can be pushed back with a few clips. The hair does not look streaky and can be worn casually open. Hair accessories such as clips, scarves or ribbons also distract and hide greasy roots.

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Hooded look

If nothing helps, the hooded look has to serve, not without reason the hoodie is currently the ultimate must-have. Simply tie the hair into a deep braid and put on the hood, and you can no longer see the greasy hair.


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