Over 200,000 used mouthguards resold

Over 200,000 used mouthguards resold

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The current pandemic is booming. In Germany there was already a knife fight for toilet paper. Used face masks are ironed elsewhere.

Fight for hygiene articles

In Germany there is a fight for hygiene articles. While customers are fighting for durum wheat semolina products, disinfectants and toilet paper (and sometimes even stitching tools are used!), Medical practices and hospitals are concerned that mouthguard masks are being hammered by people who use it less than they do.

But this product is becoming scarce not only in Germany and Europe. In Southeast Asia, more precisely in Thailand, quite close to Ground Zero of the coronavirus catastrophe, one comes across quite creative solutions to the problem, which, however, are also quite disgusting, tend to encourage the catastrophe and are simply a crime overall.

Recycling as it shouldn’t

When the Thai police inspected a second-hand shop in Saraburi, north-east of Bangkok, in early March, they caught the employees there who used ironing masks to make them fit again.

Of course there is nothing left to repair – used face masks are contaminated without germs and definitely only to be sent to a waste incineration plant.

But of course it always means: supply and demand. So this second-hand shop ironed its life and actually managed to get 200,000 used masks back into circulation.


This is ending now. All masks from this shop have been confiscated and those responsible awaiting trial. Hopefully, despite such scandals, the number of infected people in the country (as of early March: 47 infected people, of which 31 have already recovered) remains at a low level.

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