Plastic surgeon drugged, raped and filmed several women

Plastic surgeon drugged, raped and filmed several women

A plastic surgeon was arrested Friday by the FBI in the United States. He is accused of having drugged, raped and filmed several women.

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He was arrested on Friday by the FBI. An Ohio-based plastic surgeon is accused of drugging and raping several women while filming them. The “New york postReports that 49-year-old doctor Manish Gupta allegedly committed one of his crimes in 2016 at a doctors’ convention in Los Angeles. On the spot, he would have made an appointment with a luxury escort girl to have sex with her. Once with the young woman, he allegedly drugged her to the point that she lost consciousness in order to be able to rape her.

The victim did not file a complaint at the time. At home, she had done a test to check if she had been drugged and she had found in her body traces of benzodiazepines, psychotropic drugs used as anxiolytics. She then went to be examined at a medical center to see if she had been raped.

Discovered videos

To warn other potential victims, the young woman had searched the doctor’s name in a database used by sex workers. There she discovered that several other women had been assaulted by the surgeon. They all had the same story: they had been drugged, raped and probably filmed without their authorization.

The FBI opened an investigation in January 2019. Agents then discovered that as early as 2014, a Manish Gupta employee had found videos of him having sex with women who appeared to be unconscious. During the investigation, the authorities discovered at the doctor and in his office sex toys, filming equipment, memory cards but also vials of diazepam and ketamine, which he was not used for. his medical practice. Manish Gupta is a certified plastic surgeon and a licensed physician in Ohio and Michigan. He owns the Artisan Cosmetic Surgery, which has two offices in Ohio and one in Michigan.


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