“Present evidence if you think America stole”


The President of La Equidad questioned the legality of the championship that America won in 2019.

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All the controversy originated when Carlos Mario Zuluaga, president of La Equidad, questioned the way in which America was champion in 2019.

The leader opened the question and suggested that America possibly benefited in 2019 in arbitration decisions. According to Zuluaga, it seems very suspicious to him that while Tulio Gomez did business, the team was whistled for many penalties in the League.

Before this bomb, Tulio Gomez himself came out to his colleague and demanded that he present evidence if he believes that America cheated to become champion. He spoke with Zuluaga and, in an interview on Caracol Radio, made the request public.

“They were unfortunate statements, uploaded everything … that he presents evidence if he believes that the title America stole it.”

In addition, the maximum shareholder of the Caleno team also reported that, in that conversation, the President of La Equidad let him know that he has received many threats: “… Among the fans of America there is everything, even gamines and robbers who have also threatened me … I reiterated that I present evidence and hopefully this will not happen to older people.”

Tulio Gomez, Americas top shareholder, responds to those who believe that America was favored to be champion in 2019:

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