prices at the pump continue to fall

prices at the pump continue to fall

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Fuel prices at the pump vary based on several parameters, including the price of a barrel of oil.

The prices of road fuels sold at service stations in France continued their plunge last week, in the wake of falling oil markets, according to official figures released on Tuesday.

The price of diesel, the best selling fuel, reached 1.2569 euros per liter, down 4.43 cents from the previous week, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Super unleaded petrol 95 sold for 1.3338 euros, down very significantly by 7.06 cents.

As for the SP95-E10, which contains up to 10% ethanol, it lost 6.39 cents, to 1.3194 euros.

Finally, the SP98 was sold 1.4106 euros, down 6.43 cents.

Several parameters to explain these decreases

The prices of fuel at the pump vary according to several parameters such as the price of a barrel of oil, the euro-dollar exchange rate, the level of stocks of petroleum products and demand, as well as taxes.

Oil prices have fallen sharply lately, with demand falling due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus and the inability of the major producing countries to agree to limit their production.

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