Prime Now collapses due to high demand

Prime Now collapses due to high demand

The closure of colleges and universities announced by the Community of Madrid to stop the spread of the coronavirus in one of the most affected communities was the trigger that unleashed a wave of compulsive purchases among citizens in some businesses.

While many parents wondered what to do with their children without classes, the families threw themselves to the supermarkets and the networks were filled with images of shortaged aisles. Despite of call to tranquility made by the employer of the great distribution, Anged, which groups companies such as Carrefour, Alcampo, the English Court or Eroski that assured that there will be no shortage problems, some products appeared swept on the shelves.

Home delivery services also experienced an increase in demand and some, such as Amazon’s Prime Now service has ended up collapsing.

Prime Now normally offers the delivery of fresh supermarket products in less than 2 hours, but the application now warns as soon as you enter that product availability may be limited due to demand.

When the time comes to process the order, the application shows signs of the collapse that is suffering in the region of Madrid and reports that it lacks delivery time slots.

Usually, the application offers a time slot in which the customer wants to receive their purchase. Now, Prime Now reports that, directly, “there are no delivery windows available.”

Users of social networks began to notice the situation two days ago. Although the service encouraged the user to try at another time, it seems that Prime Now has not yet been able to respond to the problem of collapse due to high demand.

The problem with online orders it’s not affecting only Amazon, Juan Roig’s giant, Mercadona, has decided to suspend his online store in Madrid, Carrefour will prioritize orders to those affected by the coronavirus and Dia is warning of delivery delays.

In spite of everything, the employer of the sector has insisted in which the supply of supermarkets will be guaranteed. Juan Roig himself has called for tranquility, ensuring that they have enough products.


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