Red Bull wanted to infect Max Verstappen with Sars-CoV-2

Red Bull wanted to infect Max Verstappen with Sars-CoV-2

In order to be “prepared” for the Formula 1 season, Helmut Marko apparently had controversial plans. The Red Bull motorsport consultant deliberately wanted to infect its drivers so that they develop immunity.

© Rick Rycroft / AP

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has pursued questionable plans for his Formula 1 drivers in dealing with the corona crisis. The drivers around the top Dutch driver Max Verstappen should therefore be deliberately infected with the virus for quick immunity.

“The idea was that we would organize a camp where we could mentally and physically bridge this somewhat dead time. Then of course it would be ideal for the infection to come,” said Marko in a video interview with the Austrian TV station ORF: ” They’re all young, strong men in really good health. So you’re ready to go whenever you’re going, and you’ll be ready for what is likely to be a very tough World Cup once it starts. ”

However, the plans were not implemented. Marko had “raised the idea in a small group”, but encountered resistance: “Let’s put it this way: it was not received positively.”

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