Removing red wine stains can be that easy

Removing red wine stains can be that easy

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Removing red wine stains does not please anyone, because attempts to get the red wine stains off quickly usually end in despair. Not with these tips and home remedies!

Red wine stains To remove is tedious and time-consuming, but it happened quickly: the glasses are permanently filled with wine, the alcohol level and the party mood rise, there is dancing and suddenly someone knocks over the full red wine glass. Shit happens! But what now?

The fresher the stains, the easier it is to remove red wine stains from carpets, tablecloths, clothing, etc. – at least that’s what we say, but is that really the case? And what about red wine stains that have already dried up? We provide you with great tips and proven ones Home remedies with which you can easily remove almost any red wine stain.

Remove red wine stains: immediate help

Do not wait until tomorrow to remove red wine stains, because the stains are best removed when they are still damp. There are now numerous stain removers on the market that should remove red wine stains immediately. The so-called stain devils are specialized cleaning agents, which can also be seen in the price. You get away cheaper when you remove stains with the well-tried household remedies.

Therefore, you should definitely follow the following steps in advance if you want to remove the red wine stain:

  1. Get a piece Kitchen roll or an undyed cotton clothto soak up as much red wine as possible.
  2. Give carbonated mineral water on the red wine stain and carefully dab the stain from the outside in with a soft, undyed cloth. Avoid rubbing and wiping the red wine stain. Otherwise the stain can enlarge.
  3. Alternatively, you can of course also use the Detergent grab as emergency aid. The best way to do this is to moisten the red wine stain with distilled water, put some soap on it and carefully work in the detergent.
  4. Can the stain still be seen? use acidic home remedies such as vinegar or lemon juice and salt. Pat the mixture in a little, let the home remedy work on the stain for at least 30 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water and wipe gently with a non-discolored, lint-free cloth.
  5. The red wine stain is on the tablecloth, clothes or a small, washable carpet? Then wash them in the washing machine as usual.

Home remedies to remove red wine stains

Red wine stains are annoying because of their color and are particularly persistent. If a red wine stain is created, many immediately use chemical cleaning agents, and there are also many tried-and-tested home remedies that remove the stain from the carpet, tablecloth or clothing. You can find out which are included here.

Vinegar essence

Vinegar bleaches red wine stains. Therefore, only use the vinegar essence on light-colored clothing, colored clothing can fade.

baking powder

This time did the red wine stain appear on the tile joint? Then you need baking powder. To do this, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with 200 milliliters of water into a creamy mass and rub it on the joint with an old toothbrush or cotton swab. After an hour of exposure, you can wipe the red discolouration from the joints and the baking powder residues with a damp cloth.

potato flour

The red wine stain is still very fresh, then just mix something potato flour with water, put it on the stain, let it work and then brush it out.

White wine

Similar to mineral water also prevents White winethat the red wine stain does not settle so quickly in the textile fibers. In addition, white wine contains a lot of acid. Try to use white wine as a home remedy for the next red wine stain. Put it on the stain, let it soak and then put it in the washing machine.


Buttermilk is not as well known as salt as a home remedy for red wine stains, but it still works. To do this, put white textiles in a buttermilk bath, leave them to work for about 30 minutes and then wash them in the washing machine as usual.


salt is a great home remedy for red wine stains because it absorbs the liquid so that it cannot even penetrate deeply into the textile fabric.

Lemon juice and salt

The combination of salt and Lemon juice is particularly suitable for light and sensitive textiles. First put a little lemon juice on the red wine stain and then sprinkle plenty of salt over it. After a few minutes of exposure, you can wash out the stain.

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Mineral water

Discolorations such as red wine stains are especially common Mineral water gently removed. Mineral water also neutralizes the tannins in the wine, thereby preventing the red discoloration from settling in the textile fibers.

Suitable stain cleaner

Home remedies are not always enough for stubborn stains. Sometimes the stain remover has to be used to completely remove the red wine stain. You can see which ones are particularly good here.

Glass cleaner

use colorless glass cleanerto remove red wine stains from carpets or furniture. Allow the glass cleaner to act for a few minutes before dabbing the stain with a damp cloth. Repeat the process until the stain has completely disappeared.

Stain remover

Not only conventional salt can remove red wine stains, but also chemical ones Stain remover is a popular remedy for stubborn wine stains. Simply put the stain remover into the washing machine compartment together with your detergent.

Potassium salt

Potassium salt, also known as “lump white”, has a bleaching effect. It is particularly popular for removing red wine stains from light natural stone or wooden floors. To do this, sprinkle some salt on the stain, let it soak in for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Ammonia spirit

Also Ammonia spirit from the pharmacy or drugstore is popular for removing red wine stains. Above all, it is used to remove stains from sensitive, light woolen fabrics, because ammonia has a brightening effect. To use, mix ammonia spirit and water in a ratio of 1:10 and drizzle the red wine stain with it. Then rinse the garment with vinegar water to prevent stains from the ammonia spirit.

Special stain remover

There are several in the trade Stain remover for all types of stains, red wine and food stains are just a few. You usually apply the cleaner to the stain, then moisten the stain with a little water and let it soak in for about 60 minutes before carefully dabbing it off with a damp cloth. The application may vary depending on the product, pay attention to the packaging instructions. After the treatment, you can wash the affected garment in the washing machine.

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