Retired to Tokyo? That’s how Olympic heroine Ludwig plans

Retired to Tokyo? That's how Olympic heroine Ludwig plans

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Laura Ludwig became Olympic champion in 2016

Beach volleyball Olympic champion Laura Ludwig can imagine her career continuing beyond the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo.

“I want to keep it as open as possible,” said the 34-year-old: “I love beach volleyball too much to say that I stop immediately and will never come back.”

Ludwig has a one-year-old son with the Scottish coach Imornefe Bowes, both of them are “in the middle of family planning. At some point we want to give Teo another sibling,” said the Hamburg native: “But I never want to say never.”

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New plan for Ludwig / Kozuch after Olympic cancellation

Due to the postponement of the summer games, Ludwig and partner Margareta Kozuch have to reorganize themselves.

“Now the big goal is suddenly gone,” said the defense specialist, who fetched gold alongside Kira Walkenhorst four years ago at Copacabana: “It is quite exhausting to think about getting a few more months now. One will not younger and the body has to be kept fit. ”

When it comes to training, there is more of a standstill, Ludwig wants to “operate at a lower level. At the moment our competitive sports life is idle. After the news that the Olympic Games have been relocated, there is such a void in my head that I think it’s good, just not a competitive sport to have to do. ”

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