Riu presents a battery of ERTEs that will affect 5,500 workers in Spain

Riu presents a battery of ERTEs that will affect 5,500 workers in Spain

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The pandemic claims another giant in the tourism sector. The Riu hotel chain has filed several ERTEs with the labor authority that will affect some 5,500 workers in Spain, due to the impact of the coronavirus. The company, under the decree of the state of alarm by Covid-19, has explained that each hotel has had to present its own ERTE, the property located in Chiclana (Cadiz) being the last one to have been addressed.

Specifically, from the hotel chain, which has 99 hotels worldwide, they have ensured that all their hotels in Spain have already been closed, after presenting ERTEs before the labor authorities of the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. The files range from 100% work suspensions, with the right to unemployment, or salary reductions after a cut in the workday.

“Almost all the staff has entered the ERTE”, sources of the company have pointed out to ‘Europa Press’. However, they have stressed that the objective is to recover all employment when the activity returns.

The Balearic hotel company has also started the phased closure of its hotels in the rest of the world, before the fall of tourists and the restrictions of movement due to the coronavirus. As detailed by the company, it has already closed all its establishments in Portugal, Cape Verde or Morocco, among other destinations, although it has pointed out that the country where the most hotels are open is Mexico, since it continues to host more guests than other places. .


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