Robbers take $ 15 million in cash

Robbers take $ 15 million in cash

© Francisco Castillo / dpa

14 million dollars and one million euros – that’s how much robber stole from a security company’s van at the airport in Santiago de Chile. It is not the first coup of this kind at the airport.

At the airport in the Chilean capital Santiago, robbers have captured around 15 million US dollars in cash. Between seven and ten perpetrators had entered the cargo area of ​​the airport in two vehicles and stole the money from a security company’s van, the police said.

Two security guards were injured in the attack, and the armed perpetrators fled with their prey after the crime. The chief of the criminal police, Hector Espinosa, told the newspaper “La Tercera”that the crime was planned and that it was a professional. Prosecutor Eduardo Baeza told the newspaper that the perpetrators had pretended to be employees of a company that works for the airport.

The loot was therefore $ 14 million and a million euros, according to Baeza, handling such sums at the airport is normal. The money is said to have come from abroad, from which country remained unclear. In a similar attack at the airport in Santiago de Chile, robbers captured the equivalent of around seven million dollars in 2014, the deed had been described as the “robbery of the century”.


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