Rock your post and Daily accused (by their own guests) … of not setting an example! (VIDEO)

Rock your post and Daily accused (by their own guests) ... of not setting an example! (VIDEO)

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Coronavirus: Balance your post and Daily accused (by their own guests) … of not setting an example! (VIDEO)

Emmanuel Macron’s speech on March 12 prompted Balance ton post et Quotidien to adapt their driver and comment on the measures taken by the head of state to combat the coronavirus.

Emmanuel Macron’s speech Thursday evening was closely followed by the French, evidenced by its record audience. During this speech, the President of the Republic announced numerous measures to try to contain the epidemic of Coronavirus / Covid19. Balance your post, exceptionally spent in prime time on C8, and Daily on TMC each analyzed this speech and its content, accompanied by specialists. But the latter, with humor, pointed out their non-compliance with the same prevention measures recommended by the President of the Republic.

Instructions “not applied at all on this tray!”

David Revault d’Allonnes, political journalist present on the set of Yann Barthes alongside the emergency physician Patrick Pelloux thus noted that “safety distances“of a meter recommended to prevent contamination were not respected at all:”At this point, Emmanuel Macron’s instructions are not applied at all on this set! Since you see that we are side by side (guests, columnists and members of the public, editor’s note) I am sorry !“he let go, amused. Yes it’s true … But we have clean hands“, dramatized the host of the show, shaking his hydroalcoholic gel.

“Useless” plateau measurements?

Same story on the set Balance your post, on which measures have been applied for some time, such as taking the temperature before entering the plateau (like many other TV shows). But here, according to Frederic Adnet, medical director of the Samu de Seine-Saint-Denis present to comment on Emmanuel Macron’s decisions, this precautionary measure is useless: “One can very well have a fever and have taken paracetamol and pass the detector without any problem. A priori it reassures the population. “

“So there is no point …”

Besides, before arriving in this show, I have the impression that the audience has passed this test (…) It’s no use“dropped, cash, the doctor.”It is useless, well thank you! Thank you, Professor Adnet. And well. It’s nice to have good news like that. So there’s no point in what we do … No, but it’s important to knowreplied amused and annoyed Cyril Hanouna when most of the TV shows have taken drastic measures to limit the spread of the virus. Measures – notably on the presence of the public – which may still evolve in the coming days.