RTVE lost 30 million in 2019

RTVE lost 30 million in 2019

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A year after his last public appearance, Rosa Maria Mateo went to the Senate on Tuesday to give an account of the management he has carried out of Spanish Radio Television in recent months. The only provisional administrator has assured that the corporation lost 29.6 million euros in 2019, compared to the 2 million benefits of 2018.

This budgetary deviation has been a consequence of the lack of an updated budget for 2019, in which RTVE has had to develop its activity with that of 2018, extended.

During the past year, Personnel expenses exceeded 400 million euros after increasing this expense item by 27. This was due to the vegetative growth of the workforce, the increase in temporary hiring and the increase in social security bases.

Mateo has also pointed out the effects it has caused on the accounts of the corporation the impossibility of deducting part of the VAT from the activity, which has generated an effect of 33.5 million on the balance sheet. Likewise, it has affected that the contribution of telecommunications operators and private television companies – obliged to finance RTVE with a portion of their income – has fallen by 3.2 million.

The only provisional administrator of public radio-television recalled that the RTVE financing law provided for an annual budget allocation of 1,200 million euros, which was determined so that he could fulfill the mission entrusted to him. However, in none of the exercises, since 2010, that amount has been reached, which has diminished the forces of the corporation.


During his speech, he has also announced the launch of a plan to ensure that, whatever the effects generated by this incipient infection, public television, “strategic company”, do not cease its emissions.


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